Happiness is Self Evident

And so it seems that happiness is the self-evident force which drives all human action. The desire to feel content or pleased is why we do anything at all, for what would be the purpose of life itself if we do not enjoy living it?
As the ancient Greeks said, “happiness, and a complete or fulfilling life, is found in the full occupation of your mind, your heart, and your hands.”  It is an activity, not a passive occurrence, discovered through consciously acknowledging the beauty around and within every cell and every passing moment.  It is in the thinking, the feeling, and the doing.
It mustn’t be a product of others and their treatment towards you, or of other experiences and events that appear most inconvenient or hurtful.  This does not mean to be disingenuous with yourself or others and give off the continuous façade of happiness, while brushing away or burying your truth. Happiness is found within not without; and because everything has the ability to be tainted by ones perception, that gives you the ultimate opportunity to use that gift by discovering the pearls of light within the dark, for there always is. 
We have been created as emotional beings and that is a beautiful gift, though painful and dark at times, it gives us a rainbow of hues with which to paint and experience our world.  Naturally it takes more conscious effort to calm the reptilian response and focus our energy on the positive thoughts, actions, and events surrounding. However, 'the neurons that fire together wire together', so the more you hone this skill of being, the more it becomes second nature, and your quality of life is vastly improved.
Let us expand our spectrum of perception, and become more positively brilliant and proactive artists of our lives.