Inner Discovery

Socrates said that ‘the unexamined life is not the life of the living’, meaning that one spontaneously going through the motions of life without truly taking ownership of their self or identifying their purpose and magic, leaves them a zombie in sheeps clothing.  If one never examines the core principles of their life, their essence of being, then they are merely living a life based on the principles of others, which will inevitably lead to their own unhappiness and unfulfillment. 
Is ignorance really one truly living if they are lying in a coma, cruising on a conveyer belt of a path laid out before them?  The body is breathing but the spirit is numbed and crippled from expressing itself to its potential, and that my loves is a huge part of the fun in life, exploring and expanding the spirit body.  We are much more than flesh and blood, we are magic ;), we came from stardust afterall.  To go inward is much more difficult work than it is to just react to the outer world, but I assure you it is vastly more intriguing, inspiring, and rewarding. 
Challenge yourself to ignore the distractions of media, booze, material goods..and instead explore the greatest mystery you’ll ever find, your self. Why do you think as you think, why do you feel as you feel, the questions, the observations are endless…