Lone But Never Alone

Lone but never Alone
Many need constant company and interaction with others,
Steady outward stimulation, conversation, and distraction
I find it not iniquitous but rather curious
I most often crave time unaccompanied by others,
 space without noise or interference
 but with the cosmic companions of my consciousness,
my energy, my thoughts, my being
With nature’s matter and the space in between
Exploring the mind yet quieting it
The possibilities are endless and unforeseen
Through this rabbit hole I go, into the wonderland beyond,
Only to be pulled by the tail back out into the artifice of civilized distractions
Charged from within and so able to give from balanced and sovereign space
to the world surrounding whether desolate or replete
Why is being ‘alone’ often seen as selfish or looked down upon?
It is not threatening, this quiet or space
but merely gives room for the spirit to be understood and to thrive
There is admirable reward in privacy as well as in company
Can we be as accepting of space as we are of filling it?
Lone but never Alone