What is this obsession with labels? What is your star sign, your race, your religion, your job, your political party,…. Do these labels really truly define YOU?
Labels help to identify and categorize us so we are more readily summarized and understood, yet is it really all that accurate?  Each label is built upon another’s understanding and perception of that category; is it really wise to define ourself by others or by their already defined category of existence?
I’ve never felt comfortable fitting myself into any of these rigid boxes; to me they don’t leave enough space for fluidity and evolution, which for me is terrifying as each and every day I feel myself shed and evolve further. The act of attaching labels must have formed for some sort of imperative purpose, perhaps to identify the outsiders or other threats to our survival.  The battle of us versus them, supplying the ego with its throne; but over time has this possibly become a hindrance to humanity’s evolution? 
No two people are the same, as nothing in nature is a perfectly exact replica of another; it is not possible.  And so it seems to me that labels ignore the dynamic dimension of our lives; we are not static creatures in a static world, we are energy flowing through time and experience and thus continually creating ourselves.  To brand our person without the humility and openness for further examination and exploration, do we not lose sight of the beauty that we are the authors of our lives and free to continually reinvent ourselves as we wish?  Everything in nature survives with the help of the macrocosm, and we are no different. 
If instead we do not divide ourselves but rather identify our commonalities rather than our differences, and encourage this continual exploration of growth, maybe we can take greater leaps towards humanity working together as a whole with the common interest of thriving together with all life, all energy, no separation of existence here on earth…maybe that’s all just my utopian idealism shining through but maybe…maybe it is possible…