Be Like Water

Be like water, he says

And so here I stand, bare and unarmed


I begin to slip quietly into this liquefied crystal world,

Leaving my shelter of earth behind, I am frightened and unfurled,

For what lies beneath and beyond appears almost clandestine

Yet I like a challenge, a mystery, a newly discovered find


The sky above devoid of light,

Except for peeping pinholes of ethereal sight

As if observing my challenge by the sea

But why should I care, this is not for them, it’s for me


The cosmic beaming flashlight so high above,

Reflecting this liquid mirror of pure unwavering love

Why be so hard, rooted, and locked

When there is water, so soft, yet still penetrates rock


Slivers of silvery thread ripple and glide

Across the fluid blanket that is tonight’s courage ride

Licking my skin, lines blur, we become one

I become water, as fire is to the sun


Be like water, he says

And that is as I am, tonight and forever more