The Art of Heart

Heart is a particularly special word, having meanings and imagery spanning the symbolic, physical, as well as energetic fields of understanding. The heart is symbolically caricatured with little likeness of its original inspired anatomical form, but instead illustrated by two arcs, being pulled and stretched at opposing ends to meet in anchored agreement. It has adorned shields of valor and war, and golden bands of wedded love.  Heart signifies love and passion, strength and courage; as in these times of heightened emotion we intuitively feel the heated and excited beating of this internal drum, magically threading emotions of the mind to a matter of form. 

The physical heart is a vital organ, pumping the fuel essential to our life force at approximately 2,000 gallons and 100,000 beats each day without rest. It is a humble soldier marching on, rhythm led by the emotional and environmental signals it is fed, to hold down the fort of life. No big deal.

Unlike any other organ the heart links the physical with the metaphysical, as without its melodious beating, our curious spirit would drift away from its human vessel, seeking a new melody of being.

So then, could our heart be our anchor between worlds, binding our cosmic spirit to the human form? Perhaps.

Further still along these quantum lines, the heart emits a powerful yet stealthy energetic force extending beyond our bodies. Research shows that the heart emits a frequency 500 times more powerful than the brain, forming an invisible field around us conditional to our state of emotional being. This is how we can empathically feel the emotional state of a person without even seeing them, or why chronic stress (conscious or subconscious) can wreak havoc on our health and all that we attract into our life experience. 

So then, does the heart serve the mind, or the mind serve the heart? 

Do you honor your heart in its brilliant form and beautiful energetic capacity?  Can we vulnerably ask ourselves these hard questions? Have we been consciously or unconsciously harming our hearts (physically and energetically) with unhealthy food or drink, relationships, thoughts, and energy? 

Can we, will we, take a few moments and bring awareness to our heart, truly feeling and filling up our heart space with gratitude and love for all that it does and all that it is?  We can be grateful for things outside of us, but let us not forget to show grace, appreciation, and love for that which is held behind the curtain and loves us through its diligent pumping and anchoring of our life force. The art of heart.