To Be Human

Have you ever wondered what it means to be human; not physically per se but more so metaphysically?

The latin root for human is humus, which means soil or earth.  Is it not ironic that we are born from the earth, we die and fade back unto the earth, and yet we brush away it’s wisdom and connection, much like a pubescent child fleeing his maternal nest? 

We continue to adopt an anthropocentric perception, increasingly believing we are omnipotent beings that need little more than our own robot minds to think our way out of any perceived inconvenience.  We believe evolution entails advancing beyond nature’s capacity into a digital world with little acceptance for unfashionable or antiquated flaws that exist with time or age. So our intelligence has increased, but has our hearts wisdom risen to the same capacity? 

As Edward O. Wilson wrote, "we exist in a bizarre combination of Stone Age emotions, medieval beliefs, and god-like technology." Are we sleepwalkers, stumbling in the dark, all the while internally locked in a convoluted world of progress?  Cynical yes, but its truth is blindingly evident in the waste and greased footprints we are lacing our planet with. Is it possible to build without destroying something else? We are brilliant creatures, creating brilliant creations, but a progression away from the source that gives us life, is like building a fancy house on termite-infested limbs. So, can we continue to construct this ‘advanced’ and shiny world, without sterilizing ourselves so completely of the rich elements of earth, elements of which are necessary for a prosperous planet beyond just the slice of our species? Can we connect our mother (earth) and her brilliance with that of our technological brilliance? How can your job, your business, your life intertwine and ground you to the beating womb of life itself?