How to Be a More Effective Change Maker


What to post, what to say..

I’ve sat down many a time lately to share my voice, yet felt choked in how to begin. Amidst all the noise and daily unrest in our country, I’ve been feeling internally challenged in interesting ways, as I know we can all relate. It’s a lot of energy to move through, and for me, I’ve been spending more time and intention grounding in nature, my favorite medicine.  

Yet, while supporting my own and others processing, and taking positive action, I’ve been challenged with knowing how to remain steadfast in my mission of supporting self-care and health in the world.  In essence, how can I speak of the benefits of sauerkraut or other ‘luxuries’ of health, while there is such division and fear of security in our own homeland?’ How can we talk of anything other than the latest politics and media releases, without feeling off-topic and insensitive?

Well, as I walk out of the woods I now know that I must, because we need support in our health and self-care now more than ever.  Only by making sure our bodies and hearts are nourished, can we be the most effective change makers in our circle and beyond.  

I was at a women’s gathering the other day and one of the amazing women who’s a passionate activist, vulnerably expressed that, “with all the pain and injustice happening in the world, who am I to be happy, who am I to want love?!” I thought this was such a powerful reflection into those who so easily put everyone else first before them, and find themselves utterly depleted. We all do it, especially all the wonderful mommas out there; and so this is a loving reminder especially to you, because we need you.

We know that with these fleshy fleeting bodies that we inhabit, we cannot help anyone if we do not first help ourselves and make sure we are of sound body and mind. We do that by not forgetting the basic but profound requirements of our being: nourishing real foods and lots of good water, quality sleep, exercise and play, nature time, connection with loved ones, and stress relief through present creativity. All these are vital nutrients for our physical and energetic cells, and affect our health, our mental and emotional state, and quality of life. If brushed aside as we march and protest, nurture our children and each other, we lose our arsenal of resistance, and our great medicine for humanity.

I believe that if we all placed more attention and care on these basic principles of caring for ourselves, then we would have vastly more balanced health in the mind, as well as the body, and the world would be a much less conflicted, more connected, thriving, and beautiful place.

It’s starts with us individually, with how we care for, love, and heal ourselves. That is what affects how we treat others and how we inspire growth. When we are nourished, we are vibrant, and we inspire those around us up to meet us. That is where my voice is important, and yours, and all those that have wisdom to share that supports the brilliant macrocosm of life on earth.
So, I leave my silent retreat and stand tall and proud as a Wellness Activist.  I’ll be here unwavering, doing my self work and care, and supporting you on your journey of health and fulfillment, so that you can do your great work in this world.