Bare Essentials Magazine Feature

I was asked to write a  piece for this beautiful digital magazine, Bare Essentials, which showcases incredible nature photography and adventures. They were highlighting female 'role models' living empowering authentic lives connected to nature, and asked if I'd pen a short piece on my 'strength and creative approach to challenges' that's demonstrated throughout my life and shared images. 

This turned out to be a bigger challenge than I imagined, to write about yourself, in a few words, and without feeling like..well, that you're just talking about yourself..was a surprising and very interesting experience.  It triggered the 'self-judgement and recovering perfectionism' to say a big HELLO again, and in the end I was thankful for the challenge and opportunity to dance in the shadow and laugh it away again. Thanks for the opportunity Inga and Bare Essentials, and for the beautiful adventures/photography/friendship Ben Horton. PS Do yourself a favor and check out his incredible photography work of wild creatures and landscapes. 

You can find the article on page 111 at