How to Succeed With Your Goals

I'm sure you've noticed the gyms are packed in January, then soon fizzle out only a month or two later, everyone's on an epic juice cleanse, then gets back to eating their old ways again. A recent poll indicated that only about 8% of people actually follow through on their new years resolutions. Why? Because we make some common mistakes that most often set ourselves up for failure.

So, what can we do to reach our goals and rock it in our health, career, relationships, etc?!  Here are five tips 

1) Progress not Perfection

Focusing on perfection sets us up for failure, frustration, and an ever decreasing sense of self worth and trust. I know because, well I consider myself a 'recovering perfectionist', and as I've tuned in on this, boy has it drastically improved my inner dialogue, health, happiness, and true success. Marie Forleo, the vibrant incredible femme fatale who created B School, says 'progress not perfection', and that quickly became my mantra over the years. Switch your mindset to enjoying the process, the journey of discovery and lessons, instead of the impossible ideal of overnight perfection, and you'll do wonders. 

2) Replace negative goals with a positive more enticing option

Instead of 'I'm not gonna eat those cookies', focus on 'I'm gonna give my body what it really wants/needs for sweetness, like more natural foods, more movement and play, etc.'  With my clients I never use diets, as they're based on deprivation and are short term 'fixes' with a host of side effects; so instead, we focus on indulging in a more nourishing food plan and lifestyle. When we tell ourselves not to do something, so often our inner child or rebel will self-sabotage and want to do just that. So give yourself the invitation to support your values and goals, and focus on all the goodness and opportunity of these more positive solutions. 

3) Make SMART goals

With my clients we discuss what it means to make more effective goals by making them Small, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. Instead of super vague goals that make it too easy to slip by in our busy lives, make it clearly defined and achievable. Try one new smart goal per week, start really small and achievable, and work your way up. And if you or life gets in the way and you don't achieve your goal, than perhaps your life was especially chaotic at the moment or perhaps your goal wasn't SMART enough, so be understanding and kind with yourself, proactive and move forward. Beating ourselves up only pushes us farther away from achieving and sustaining health and happiness. 

4) Commit Already

Say it, write it, in the present tense, so you've already decided this is happening. 'I am' instead of I will or I want to. You've already committed; this is what you want for yourself to live and feel and achieve all you want in this life. Decide this is non-negotiable and valuable for you.

5) Support Team and Community

Will power alone is often not enough to achieve our goals, we must set ourselves up for success. Following the above steps are a part of that, as is inviting in friends/family to support or join you, and also knowing when to ask for help/support. See when your ego or excuses are getting in the way of your success, and allow yourself to receive some support from experts. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, that is my forte to be your accountability partner, your nonjudgemental positive mirror that helps you uncover the roots and blindspots, and supports you in achieving what you really want. So whether that's a fitness group, personal trainer, health coach, therapist, etc. build your toolbox and dream team, you and those around you, deserve that.

Now remember, to take it step by step, and enjoy the dance, the process of being human and uncovering your greatness. Invite more curiosity and compassion in your life, instead of so much judgement and struggle, and I assure you, you will achieve and manifest more of your goals and dreams, and be happier and lighter for it.

So what are some ideas for healthy smart goals this year? I'll give you a glimpse at some of mine:

  • I am hiking and running 4-5x/week for atleast 20min
  • I am following the Anti-Candida Food Plan for atleast 1 month, avoiding dairy/grains/sugar and enjoy more water, herbal tea, veggies, soups, and more. 
  • I am meditating every morning and/or evening for 15minutes, using breath-work or
  • I am unplugging from the phone/computer/wi-fi from 7pm-7am this winter, then when the days lengthen switch time frame.  

Does that help? What are your health goals this year, or this month?

If I can assist you in your journey to more deep and lasting health, happiness, and purpose, fill this out to schedule a free friendly chat with me to explore! Happy New Years friends! Let's make this your healthiest year yet!

Photo by @jennapeffley