Cannabis & Hemp as wholelistic Allies


Colleen and her husband Mathew also have a leading cannabis and hemp wellness line called FORIA. Sun-grown organic high quality cannabis, hemp, and herbal formulations for healing, harmonizing, and improving intimacy and overall wellness. Most popularly known for Foria Pleasure, Awaken, and Relief. Colleen serves as the Foria Wellness Consultant, helping co-create high quality healing products, as well as educational content and programs. As part of my community you’re welcome to use code VesselandSoul for 30% off!

As legalization unfolds and big brands and corporations flood market shelves with ‘CBD’ products, the quality, transparency, and honor of the plant, planet, and person varies. We are passionate about always doing our best to put the highest practices and products out into the world, as well as educating and empowering our consumers to wisely navigate the cannabis/hemp space, their bodies, and find less pain and more pleasure.

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