As your Health Coach, we are on the same team, we're allies in where you are and where you want to be. I am the bridge between your doctor and you, between your obstacles and achieving your health goals. Together you and I connect curiously instead of mask symptoms, implore and uncover hidden roots for your unique body and mind, conquer challenges, support your wisdom and healing, and play with small effective changes to help you achieve your goals and sustain them. I am so thrilled that you are here and I really look forward to connecting with you!

8 session package

This incredible package is for you if you've been suffering with any chronic or stubborn issues and you are ready to commit to your healing, to uproot the underlying causes with me, and create a lifestyle of healing and empowerment unique and ideal for you! 

You'll get:

  • 8  30 or 60min coaching sessions via face-to-face/phone/Skype
  • Personalized menu plan and recipes
  • Personalized lifestyle tweaks, meditations, movement, and more
  • Vitamin guidance and access to premier products and discounts
  • My favorite tricks, resources, testing, products with my discounts
  • Beautiful journal, and other gifts
 Super Health Kickstart
4 Hour Experience   

Let's mold your environment to give you the tools to improve your health as an easy, stress free, and enjoyable way of life. With the Super Health Jumpstart I'll be your personal health coach, kitchen organizer, grocery shopper, and chef all-in-one! We'll do a comprehensive health evaluation and personalized menu plan, then dive into a deliciously fun hands-on experience, taking you through the foundational layers of a healthier you.

You get:

  • 1 hour health history assessment and comprehensive consultation
  • Personalized menu plan, shopping list, and delicious recipes
  • Kitchen jumpstart, we identify the health kryptonite in your kitchen
  • Guided food shopping tour, reading labels, stocking up on goodness
  • Healthy cooking lesson
Wild Wombyn Wellness
6 or 12 session package options

Do you want to detox from birth control, balance your hormones, improve your energy or mood, and slow aging? Perhaps you're thinking about having a child and want to prepare your body to be a healthy vessel for a healthy pregnancy and baby. It's time to support yourself and feel like the beautiful, sexy, vibrant goddess of life that you are.  

You get:

  • 30 or 60min personalized coaching sessions (in-person/phone/Skype)
  • Personalized menu plan and recipes to cleanse, nourish, and balance
  • Hormone, Thyroid, and Nutritional testing guidance (optional)
  • Herb/Vitamin supplement guidance
  • Personalized lifestyle tips, stress transformation practices, movement, and more
  • Beautiful Journal and other gifts to support you
Individual Sessions  
Not ready or able to commit to a complete program just yet? Or, you just need a check-in booster session? Let's connect!

In depth personalized coaching from your vessel to your soul, discovery into the root(s) of what's getting in your way of a higher state of health, happiness, and vitality. We'll discuss your current goals, challenges, and customized action plan that works for you. 


  • 60min initial or follow-up session $150 (face-to-face, phone, or Skype)
  • 30min follow-up  $85  (phone or Skype)

What are clients saying...

“The health and lifestyle coaching I’ve received from Colleen over the years has been life changing. From learning how to control stomach issues and cystic acne a few years back to my most recent venture into healing my hormones and body from years on birth control, Colleen’s approach is holistic, effective, and genuine. Her kindness and compassion mixed with a strong knowledge and continued willingness to research lets me know I am always in good hands. I leave our sessions with a deeper understanding of what my body is going through and fully armed with the tools and understanding of how to be my healthiest self. She is an inspiration and leads by example.”
— Jenna P.
About 4 years ago I met Colleen. At this point in my life I at entirely different from the way I eat now, and it’s because of her. Colleen has taught me many different ways to improve my health on a nutritional level. The knowledge that she possess, and shares is priceless. I have never felt better about my health. She has taught me things from what we should be putting in our body (healthy fats, proteins, etc), to everything to avoid, and to how these types of food affect our bodies, not only on a cellular level, but how the brain and gut also react. Colleen is an inspiration, and I would recommend her to everyone who is seeking help with their health. She’s not only great at helping people, she’s extremely passionate about it. I am very excited to see the impact Colleen will be making on our community
— Cherise C.
I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis since I was very young. Since then I’ve undergone multiple life threatening surgeries to permanently remove the areas that were diseased. yet even years after those surgeries, I’ve had multiple problems associated with my gut and intestines and dozens of doctors could never seem to understand why. Although the doctors could provide me temporary cures and occasionally lessen my pain, the problems would always come back sooner or later. Roughly one year ago I was introduced to Colleen. With her guidance I took some simple tests to better understand my body and what the problems were behind my constant health issues. Since then I have not had any health problems (not even a common cold or flu). My inflammation markers have lessened, my energy has increased, and most of the markers that indicate health risks have also shot down to normal ranges. Many of my doctors, having the reputation for being the best, couldn’t believe how I’ve improved.
— Joe H.
Colleen is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, intuitive and skilled in providing effective guidance, recommendations and truly caring and wise support. If you are fortunate enough to work with her, you will soon surely find the investment to be priceless for the value you receive.
— Dr. Mark Baxter

Disclaimer: I do not practice medicine, diagnose or treat any disease or health condition.  My focus is to provide information that will assist you in making healthier diet and lifestyle choices in your life, which can naturally lead to enhanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.