Doors to Reality


Dreams to reality, through these heavy doors I slowly drift to leave these moors, this dimensions limitations left behind, trust and love now lead this time, light consumes and infuses mine, I feel this warmth, you cradle me whole, delivering me to where my soul yearns to go, I aim to steer but you're in the lead, we sail these milky seas fluidly and free, connected consciousness I face what I need to see, by truly feeling wounds that hid from even me, I wish to go deeper but instead I spring higher, laughing uncontrollably like a little girl emanating the purest cosmic desire, pain is unnecessary but avoiding it is too, instead I feel it fully then quickly release it true removing its entirety to return to being my highest deity, layers of consciousness seen like threads, I pluck them to make music between dimensions lovingly wed, vibrations travel and permeate all life, connecting like mirrors of energetic husband and wife, drifting awake fuzzy moon beams kiss my eyes, pulling me home to this life now magnified.