Client Testimonials

What a beautiful soul with such a driven heart and genuine care about people and their well being. Not only did she help me balance my hormones after years of birth control, she helped me learn how to eat foods that help reduce inflammation and balance my thyroid. I no longer struggle with my weight or question what to eat!! I’m so thankful to have her as my health coach.
— T.K.
“Two months before my wedding I realized I had gained 20lbs, and was dealing with major skin and hormone issues, as well as near-constant stomach pain and bloating. I didn’t want to feel like this on my wedding day (or any day). Colleen has been a Godsend. She helped me get to the root of my issues, gave me an easy plan to follow, and helped me not only drop 16lbs in one month healthfully, but also helped me feel the most incredible I’ve ever felt in my body: light, free, clear, and energized.
Colleen’s approach is mind, body, soul. I’ve lost the excess weight and symptoms, while gaining a closer connection to my body, uncovering ‘the real me’, free of all the symptoms I had learned to live with. It’s almost shocking that adjusting my diet + wellness practices could have such a big impact on how I show up in the world mentally and emotionally. She made it easy for me to incorporate healthy choices into my daily routine, and what I’ve learned from her will stay with me long past my wedding day!”

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— Jessica Defino
I don’t have the food sensitivities nor suffer from the urinary infection, the skin rashes, and the overall helplessness I felt with my body. I just listen to what my body wants now, which is THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD! Honestly being able to simply trust my own true wants for fitness and nutrition and serenity, and have my body respond well to that instinct is such a gift.
— Sam S
I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis since I was very young. Since then I’ve undergone multiple life threatening surgeries to permanently remove the areas that were diseased. yet even years after those surgeries, I’ve had multiple problems associated with my gut and intestines and dozens of doctors could never seem to understand why. Although the doctors could provide me temporary cures and occasionally lessen my pain, the problems would always come back sooner or later. Roughly one year ago I was introduced to Colleen. With her guidance I took some simple tests to better understand my body and what the problems were behind my constant health issues. Since then I have not had any health problems (not even a common cold or flu). My inflammation markers have lessened, my energy has increased, and most of the markers that indicate health risks have also shot down to normal ranges. Many of my doctors, having the reputation for being the best, couldn’t believe how I’ve improved.
— Joe H.
“The health and lifestyle coaching I have received from Colleen Baxter of Vessel and Soul over the years has been life changing. From learning how to control stomach issues and cystic acne a few years back to my most recent venture into healing my hormones and body from years on birth control, Colleen’s approach is holistic, effective, and genuine. Her kindness and compassion mixed with a strong knowledge and continued willingness to research lets me know I am always in good hands. I leave our sessions with a deeper understanding of what my body is going through and fully armed with the tools and understanding of how to be my healthiest self. She is an inspiration and leads by example.”
— Jenna P.
Honestly I was scared to do this work, to dive into my eating patterns and lifestyle, and wasn’t sure if I was ready to make those changes. But I surprised myself; and through her guidance and support, I feel so much better, and now understand how to notice these signals in my body. I eat healthier because it makes me feel healthier and happier! Colleen is far more than a wellness coach, she’s my go-to life advisor, taking every aspect of what I’m eating, stress factors and coping, lifestyle, etc. and personalizing easy-but-profound tweaks for you, helping you truly tap into your best life.”
— J. Manley
“About 4 years ago I met Colleen. At this point in my life I ate entirely different from the way I eat now, and it’s because of her. Colleen has taught me how to tap into my body, and what foods and practices I need to feel better, have more energy, more patience and joy. The knowledge that she possess, and shares is priceless, and I’ve never felt better about my health. She’s helped me to understand my body’s signals more, how different foods can affect us on physical, mental, and emotional levels, and discover what foods and practices work best for me. Colleen is an inspiration, and I would recommend her to everyone. She’s not only so knowledgeable, wise, and great at coaching and helping people, you can feel how passionate and how much she genuinely cares about you through the process.”
— C. Cassini
“I have learned how to better care for my body and understand it on a deeper level. The insights I gained through my work with Colleen have helped me feel drastically healthier and reduce all health complications and concerns. I would recommend anyone go through the functional medicine coaching and testing with Colleen, to learn more about their body and feel better!”
— J. Hakakian
“Colleen was incredibly helpful in introducing new supplements and probiotics that will help ease the detoxing process. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn more about changing their eating habits and lifestyle!”
— L. Mayer
“Colleen is truly exceptional! She is patient, kind, knowledgeable, taught me how to cook healthy, delicious meals, and SO much more about life, living well, etc. I gained so much insight on how my body is affected by the foods I eat and now think twice before eating anything that doesn’t really nourish or satisfy me. Even more importantly for me, I learned how to be kinder and more patient with myself and where I’m at, while still moving forward! I learned what foods and lifestyle practices feel best for me, and how to cook and care for myself more in mind and body. I would seriously recommend everyone to go to Colleen!”
— Ariana R
“Colleen is tremendous! I have worked with several coaches, and am a coach myself, and will not only continue to work with Colleen, but recommend her to others seeking holistic/functional healing and support. I feel such a deep sense of care and genuine affinity from her. My gallbladder and back pain has improved, I have better work-life balance and self-care overall, more satisfying eating habits and daily practices, greater self-compassion and life joy. It’s the relationship that supports us through struggles and allows us to succeed- not just the ‘goals and recommendations’. She has conveyed so much kindness, empathy, support, encouragement and insight. I feel more connected to myself and others, more hope, optimism and am so grateful.”
— A. S.
I was experiencing some struggles with Epstein Barr Virus and the necessary dietary changes I needed to make and started working with Colleen. I am so grateful I chose to give myself the gift of her knowledge and support. Almost immediately I started feeling diminished symptoms and now feel more grounded in my self care practices and diet. In our time together I always felt deeply supported, and also greatly appreciated her vast knowledge of the maze of the supplements and tests. Our work together has lifted me up and given me the perspective that everything I want to do to take care of myself is manageable. It is amazing what transformation can happen with the right support. Thank you Colleen!
— Kelly, L