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New Moon Goddess Gathering

  • Vessel and Soul 23405 Red Rock Rd Topanga, CA (map)

As the pull of the moon affects the waters of the world, so too it affects the emotional, physical, and intuitive waters of the feminine. It is no coincidence that the cycle of the moon is exactly the span of time as the menstrual cycle of women.  Within tribes, in a time before night-time light pollution, women bled in sync with the new moon, when the night is darkest. 'Bleeding, in-of-itself, is a time of great spiritual power, and women understood the great significance of this part of their cycle. This time was respected, protected, and revered. Women retreated from the outside world, so that they could go deep within themselves, and connect to the spirit that moves through all things. ' Like menstruation, the New Moon is a time of cleansing, rebirth and new beginnings, a time to gaze and connect to our inner and collective wisdom, and bring light to what we wish to bring to life and create in our world. Gathering women in this space and intention is a beautifully powerful experience, that permeates beyond the evening itself, into our very being and all that we manifest.

This moon in particular will be 'a solar eclipse in Virgo, which further emphasises the need for group rather than individual consciousness and highlights our role as the component parts of a greater move towards wholeness. In all things the bigger picture is key, as is the humility of Virgo which affirms that a small role in the grand drama of collective awakening is a far greater blessing than a grand role in the mini drama of our tiny lives.' (mysticmamma)

Please respect the intention of this gathering and arrive on time, so that we may move through this journey on the same page and vibration.

7-7:30pm arrival, greetings, food offerings, and set your place in the Lotus Belle tent

7:30pm gather in tent, guided meditation

8:00pm intentions, clearing, and sharing

8:30pm the burn of what no longer serves

9:00pm stargazing meditation

9:15pm+ enjoy offerings of healthy food and drink, conversation, etc.

Please bring notebook and pen, a sweater/jacket, and food or drink to share. Those that wish to stay the night in the Lotus Belle tent please reserve your spot and bring a modest donation, bring a pillow, towel for shower/sauna, and anything else you'd personally need for an overnight stay.

With your RSVP and I will send further instructions and directions. Love and Light Goddesses. β™₯


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