The Peace Within the Wild

The vulnerable ecstasy of shedding skin, of stepping out to go in

off the grid and deep in wilderness untainted by man's hand


every year traversing the internal footprints that further etch into our family bones 

along an invisible trail of changing landscapes that fold in to cover our tracks as we pass,

this secret garden of our reunion with each other and the wild

where we've left far behind our machine things and machine minds, to reacquaint ourselves with a truer nature of being

that which is more creature and free than society would have us to believe


here we walk barefoot along the soft moss and rough stone,

climbing rocks with the agility and strength unencumbered by cloth or sole

where glacial waters of ice crystals melt into the purest life soup, 

and charge down granite waterslides, bellowing away all thought or form that does not belong

she swirls into eddies where we boldly jump in, so cold that it hurts and thrusts you straight to life,

reborn and bright eyed, all senses magnified, cold, enlivened, naked body laying on hot grey stones shaped like an elephants back

we bask in it's harbored warmth and that photon kiss of an exploding star above,

it doesn't get more blissful than this,


here where the mind is quiet, contemplative only in the most meaningful of ways,

the insightful thoughts that finally have space to rise into and be understood,

the feelings tucked away in crevices now bubbling up and out as a simple, profound, ecstatic ahhhhhhh

the monkey mind clearly left behind in the world we've manufactured for our lives,

and in it's place here, the most delicious state of peace, of ease, of fullness

of heart bleeding into all surrounding, formless and boundless, where anything but, is a waste of time,

this precious space where time's not kept by the ticking clock but by

the beats of dragonfly wings over lily pad lips, and the playful flights and lullabies of the red-winged blackbirds, 

the shimmering rustling leaves of aspen trees, and the subtle sways of pink shooting stars surrounding trickling streams

the artist sky painting rainbow hues of sunrise and sunset across the lake, and her fluid mirrors of the grand mountain scape

the widening of your sweet smile seen through my teary eyes as you ask me to dance with you for life and be your beloved wife,


in the flickering flames and smoke dancing their trance around the hearth, gathering the family to share food and rich laughter in her comforting glow

in the dense thicket of stars and rising moon, orchestrating their musical score over the night sky above

in the calming ever-grounding rhythm of your heartbeat and mine, intertwined as we embrace from day to night to day again, in light and shadow and light again

in these moments and everything in between, the illusions of 'time' and 'other' are shed to reveal what cannot be defined but only felt by an orgasmic remembering,

in the wilds of the unafraid and untamed, the vulnerably interconnected and humbly majestic web of life

where the wind and the birds, the water and the trees are more me and we than the thoughts, stories, tasks or identities could ever be

so let us please, let me and we return home often,

home to ourselves in the awe-inspiring, heart expanding, body and soul enlivening, and ever-enriching wilds

those without and within, and through which imbibe a more authentic and everlasting loving grounding to ourselves and our kin

the peace within the wild


When was the last time you fully unplugged and connected with nature and your wilds for a while? How did that feel for you? How and where will you return again?